Posted by: travelwithcurls | May 14, 2009

An Unexpected Trip to Africa

Normal people like to plan trips in advance, especially if they are going somewhere new and exotic. But I do things a little bit differently. For example, I moved out of my house in DC two days ago. Ever since returning to Suburbia, OH I’ve been researching vacations. However, I don’t want to go alone, I’m on a tight budget, and I have a very quickly approaching deadline since I am moving back to DC in early June. Also, if I’m going to go on a trip somewhere, it’s gotta be worth it. 
So what do I do? I call my brother and demand that he takes time off to join me on an adventure! And where do we decide to go? AFRICA!!!!    

Brother McGhee and I in Israel

Brother McGhee and I in Israel



Brother and I have been on several family trips, including one to Israel with our cousins. But, this will be our first time traveling without anyone else. So, naturally, we have to get a guide. I spent all yesterday googling and calling different African tour operators to make sure we get the perfect trip. Brother and I have specific requirements: we want to be active (hiking, boating, RVing), want to camp out in a tent, want to see the big five (lions, leopards, elephants, buffalo, and rhino), and need a vegetarian friendly diet available. 
So far we have decided on Kensington Tours as our vacation provider. However, we haven’t booked yet so if you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments section. I’ll keep you posted on our final trip decisions and when we will be leaving.



  1. Hello Curls and Brother McGhee: Your dad brought your adventures to my attention today. I am beyond envious….please let me know how your trip to Africa goes…I am sure I will have lots and lots of questions about your time there, as I have always loved traveling, but have only made it to Europe. Be safe and have fun.

    Marsha Winkowski

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