Posted by: travelwithcurls | May 22, 2009

Ugh, Packing

So I’m about to start the pre-packing process. See here’s the thing about me; I’m a terrible packer. When I’m about to take trip I suddenly find a need for every article of clothing, accessory, and pair of shoes I have ever owned in my entire life. And I always find a reason why I absolutely need them all to come with me to wherever I am going. So, I have learned to pack in stages.

What My Room Looked Like When I First Moved Home

Stage 1: Make a pile of everything I would like to take with me.

Stage 2: The next day, I go through and cut out about half of the original pile. This is a very tricky stage because I have to think about what I will actually need and wear.

Stage 3: I pick out a duffel or rollaway bag and pack it. Then I practice carrying it around the house. This is just in case I have to carry my luggage a long distance—must make sure it’s not too heavy and that I leave tons of room for souvenirs (when I left India, I had to purchase an entire extra duffel bag just for my souvenirs, I love them!).

Stage 4: If the bag is too heavy, I remove as much as possible (I usually try to take out extra sweats because really there’s no shame in wearing a pair of sweatpants several times on vacation. It’s not like I’m trying to impress anyone).

Stage 5: Double check that my luggage isn’t too heavy for the last time and then add a luggage tag on it. I recommend a luggage tag that isn’t too flashy, but one that stands out. I have a bright pink luggage tag in the shape of a large raindrop- it helps me decipher my bag from all those other bags.

Stage 6: Make sure I packed at least one bathing suit. They only take up a little room, but they can make or break your trip!

Stage 7: Pull out several important items and leave them to put in my carry on bag (just in case my bags get lost).


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