Posted by: travelwithcurls | May 24, 2009

What Not to Do: Pack This Poncho

My journey to Africa begins tomorrow. As in TOMORROW. I cannot explain how excited I am, but I also cannot count how many things I have left to do to prepare.

 Sooooo, to help me remember everything and keep my head from rolling off my shoulders, I made a long list of everything I still have to do. But, I thought it might be helpful if I show you some of the items I think will be most useful for this trip.

Poncho = Bad Choice

 1)   Definitely not this poncho. This falls under the What Not To Do category. Nothing will scare away animals and attract thieves who target tourists like a poncho. Think of a poncho as a bull’s-eye for mishap.

Travel-sized Umbrella

2)   Instead of an embarrassing poncho, opt for a travel-sized umbrella like this one. I won’t lie; this umbrella cost me $30. But, it was worth every penny. I used this umbrella every day that I lived in London, carried all across Europe and into Asia, and carry it to work and class every day in DC. It has held up and never let me down. I would gladly pay another $30 for an umbrella as worthwhile as this one. Here’s a tip: nothing can ruin a moment/day/trip as well as getting soaked in a rainstorm. Pack an umbrella and have it at the ready.

Everyday Bag

3)   For everyday use I purchased this bag. It’s made of alpaca wool (so I know its sturdy) and has a zipper (so slick hands can not slither their way in when I am not looking—always have a zipper on your travel bags). It has more than enough space for me to carry my camera, small notebook, wallet, sunglasses, and bug spray.

Small black bag

4)   I’m packing this smaller, black bag for times when I don’t want to carry a huge bag (aka any nightly trips to the bar). This bag looks small but manages to carry a wallet, camera, and sweater or scarf so it’s the perfect size.

Tissue T Shirt

5)   This is called a tissue shirt. I have several t-shirts and long sleeved shirts in this material. As you can see from how visible my hand is through the shirt, the material is very light, but can still keep bugs off my skin.

The Perfect Travel Scarf

6)   I bought this scarf from a market in Bologna, Italy. I love to take it when I travel because it is lightweight and rolls up very small. I use it to tie my hair back, wrap around my neck for warmth, and occasionally wipe perspiration off my forehead (women never sweat). It’s quite useful for all occasions.

My Favorite Travel Kicks

7)   As for shoes, I am packing a pair of Timberlands for hiking and a pair of leather flip flops for everyday wear. However, I’m also packing these sneakers (I bought them when I lived in London and haven’t taken them off until this photo) and this pair of cheap, rubber flip flops (to wear in the shower if needed and for water excursions).

Cheap Rubber Flip Flops

8)   I found this sun hat and thought it might be useful to help block the sun. It’s not a high quality product which is good because it’s flimsy and easy to pack!


Sun Hat

9)   I dug this hat out of a closet at my parents’ house in Suburbia. I have no idea where it is from, but I’m hoping Brother will think its funny enough to wear.

Silly Hat for Brother


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