Posted by: travelwithcurls | June 30, 2009

The Adventure is Getting There

My mother always tells me, ‘the adventure is getting there.’ This trip to Africa certainly fits the bill. Because we only had two weeks to make the most of three African countries, Brother and I were constantly on the move. However, before I can start blabbing about our journey, I’ll give you the background.

To start the trip, I met Brother McGhee in Chicago where he has been living for the past two years. Obviously I had to take in as much of Chicago as possible while I had the chance. Thus, we did the one thing that tourists and lifelong Chicagoans both enjoy- devouring deep-dish pizza!


Me and Brother eating Chicago deep dish pizza

Me and Brother eating Chicago deep dish pizza


According to Brother, there are three main pizza companies in Chicago and each has its own loyal fan base. Brother prefers Lou Malnati’s, and I must admit, I am a fan as well.   


Lou Malnati's

Lou Malnati's


It was the perfect last meal before flying seven hours to Amsterdam and 12 more hours to Cape Town. By the time we landed (almost two days after we took off), Brother and I were exhausted!


The view from the airplane

The view from the airplane


But, adrenaline kicked in on our drive to the Table Bay Hotel. Our view looked out over the Victoria and Alfred waterfront. I could see the moonlight twinkling across the water and hear the water quietly lapping against the pier.  According to our itinerary we would spend the next day on a peninsula tour of South Africa. I was so excited I couldn’t sleep.



  1. i am a lou’s fan myself, although i dabble in gino’s east from time to time

  2. Seals! and Penguins! This blog has everything! Could use an update though 🙂

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