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  1. where is a good trip to take 2 little, barky white fluffy dogz?

  2. Hey there Meg,
    Thanks so much for your question. Traveling with pets can be a tricky, but quite rewarding. Animals react on instinct, so it’s always interesting to get a pet’s point of view. And since dogs have such an acute sense of smell, I bet you can follow your dogs’ noses to find a tasty place to eat.
    To answer your question, I did some research and found this website ( which offers the best worldwide, dog-friendly travel destinations. It can even help you find accommodations in the destination of your choice based on the number of people and dogs in your party.
    However, keep in mind that most airlines have strict policies about bringing pets aboard their planes. Try this website for some tips:
    And, if you decide to take your dogs to a different country, getting through customs may be an issue. If you are using a travel agency to help plan your trip, I recommend speaking to them about your plans. Or, you can call your destination country’s embassy and ask their representative about pets going through customs (for a list of embassies, try this website:
    I hope this was helpful; if you have any additional questions, feel free to post them here or send me an email!
    Happy travels,

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